Sign Design Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re thinking about adding a sign to your storefront, you want to make sure it’s the highest quality possible. A sign for your business is a preview of your brand and you don’t want to leave a bad impression due to an avoidable mistake on your sign.

We have put together some of the mistakes we have seen to help guide you when creating your next sign.

Doing Too Much

A sign should have a single focus, multiple different messages just create confusion and a bad look. The benefit of having a single focus is that you’re able to convey it well with other design elements.

This idea can be extended to other design collateral like prints, banners, and decals for example.

Lacking Consistancy

Using the same fonts, colors, messaging, and design elements is crucial for sign design. Inconsistency breeds confusion and distrust which is something you don’t want as a business owner. People might go on your website and see a certain kind of styling, but confusion might arise from seeing a sign in front of your business with drastically different colors.

Spelling and Grammar

Building trust builds confidence which leads to conversions and sales. A sign riddled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors will turn away potential customers before they’re in your shop. Doing a spell check, grammar review, and team feedback session will mitigate this.

The most beautiful signs can have their impact diminished by these mistakes.

Fonts and Color

In general, sticking with your brand’s font is the best way to go. Fancy fonts don’t really do much for your sign, if anything they can hinder the effect because they are less legible. You want your clients to read what’s on it, so go with your brand’s font or a classic font.

Similar idea with colors, you want to stick with your brand color styles. You don’t have to use all of the colors at once, in fact, that should be avoided since it can be overwhelming to look at it. Keeping the color scheme simple and easy on the eyes will enhance the message.

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