Event Design - San Diego

Let us know what you are hoping to create for your event and we can assist in making it come to life. At Volume11 San Diego, we can transform any spot, like magic!

Trade shows, Theatre Stage Productions, Corporate gatherings, Conferences, Seminars, Festivals, Fundraisers, Recognition Ceremonies, Banquets, Benefits, Gala Parties, and auction features, as well as San Diego city marathons or obstacle courses, Wedding decor, and music festivals.

Some info that will be good to gather up as we get ready:
CONCEPT Whether it’s something traditional, or never seen before, pull out the napkin sketch from the pub last night, and we’ll bring it to life for realsies.

BUDGET We can operate on virtually nothing, with vintage materials or recycled pieces and parts.

VENUE or SPACE let us know where it’s at.

TIMEFRAME same day or next year, we don’t mind.

Call our San Diego office for more details. (619) 997-2280