Wraps - San Diego

Our vehicle wraps are a great way for you to get a mobile company presence in San Diego. Most of us have to commute or travel through the packed San Diego intersections and highways during the day at some point. The sheer number of viewers, while you are driving, is significant customer potential.

At Volume 11 San Diego, we use the best material for our wraps, 3M control tac, with cast gloss laminate. If all you are looking for are racing stripes we can satisfy the various styles and formats for any make and model.

Also, we offer magnets that can be used for a less permanent option.


Our San Diego office offers complete installation services ranging from simple lettering on your window to full semi-truck trailers.

Finishing Options: Cut contour for partial wrap decals, rounded corners for magnets

PRICE RANGE: $11 – $15 per sq/ft
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