Windows - San Diego

Window graphics can provide many benefits and be a great way to add color and personality to your San Diego business or storefront. Material choices revolve around the needs for image quality, privacy, the ability to see through the graphic from the inside. Be cautious when preparing your job for multiple windows. Windows that are side by side often will have slightly different dimensions. Each window area needs to be measured to ensure a smooth installation.

Perforated vinyl features a pattern of holes that allow both a printed image on the face and a black back that retains the ability to see through the installation from the inside. During the day when the graphic is lit from the outside, the image is visible. At night, when the light inside is brighter than outside, the graphics can become almost invisible from the outside. At the same time, the view inside loses the ability to see through. If privacy at night is appealing, it may be better to use an unperforated, ordinary white vinyl that would allow light through, but still, be visible from the outside at night.

Solid, unperforated vinyl is an alternative to “window perf” that gives up the ability to see through the graphic from the inside to maintain the graphic’s appearance from the outside at night. Plus the image quality is slightly better since there are no holes. If privacy, especially at night is desirable, this is the way to go. We have several types of vinyl with varying adhesive properties for different needs. Talk to us about your vision and ideas to come up with the perfect solution. Our San Diego office is here to help!

Perforated Window Vinyl


  • good image quality
  • ability to see through from inside
  • allows light through
  • good lifespan in most conditions


  • shorter life span than solid vinyl options
  • slightly diminished image quality due to holes in vinyl

Solid White Vinyl


  • best image quality
  • longest life
  • allows some light through (similar to stained glass)
  • maximum privacy
  • maintains view at night when backlit
  • options for opacity based on adhesive choices


  • no view through from inside

File Prep

Preparing files for windows is straightforward when you work with a capable, savvy San Diego shop. Here are the specifications for files used with large scale window graphics. Designs should be:

  • preferred file format is PDF saved with the High Quality preset if available
  • 50-100ppi images at full size
  • 100% full scale if possible
  • if dimensions exceed 18 feet on the longest dimension, use a 10:1 scale
  • RGB, CMYK, or Pantone are all equally welcome color formats
  • fonts outlined
  • real bleeds outside the document dimensions of 0.125-0.25”.
  • if practical, create files with vector elements instead of raster (image) elements