Canvas - San Diego

Artist Canvas has been a specialty item amongst our San Diego customers for quite a while now. At Volume11 San Diego, we are pros at getting the photography or digital design printed beautifully, and can make the gallery wrap framing easily.

Volume11 San Diego offers frame depths: spacer Light-Duty: 3/4″ deep edge, spacer Heavy-Duty: 1-1/2″ deep edge, and stretcher-bar.

Heavy-duty Pine Super Stretcher Bars by BEST The Super Bar is truly that – a very super bar.

The Super Bar is made of pine that has been finger spliced. Finger splicing is a method of bonding pieces of lumber together to form a very long, straight bar. Since the spliced joints are actually stronger than the natural wood, we can now get longer, stronger, and straighter bars than ever before. First designed for the construction industry, this high tech method yields better bars than ever before.

The edge seams are tucked under themselves to hide the excess fabric. You may even want to consider paneling your image into pieces to achieve various effects.

Featured Photographer: Bruce Jamieson Jr. with CIRCA 78 wave.

We can also make custom frames to suit the project if it is larger!

Call our San Diego office for more details. (619) 997-2280