Posters - San Diego

At Volume11 here in San Diego, we have multiple options for posters. They can be rigid boards, rollable paper, or even solutions that can work outdoors in the elements.

Typical paper posters are produced on 212 gs/m paper that has a satin finish to minimize surface glare and maximize image and color quality. At our San Diego office, we print with archival inks, so color fade isn’t an issue and the ink is more durable than the paper. The largest dimension we produce is limited to 58 inches on one side, by whatever other dimension you need. In other words, one side is limited to 58” while the other side can be longer since the source material comes off a roll. Beware that larger paper posters are at risk of tearing when handing them. Often it’s better for posters larger than 5 feet to be done on something more durable than paper.

Rigid poster boards for indoor use are usually mounted to a GatorBoard/UltraBoard substrate. At Volume11 San Diego we tend to avoid Foamcore as it’s astonishingly fragile and will warp with small temperature and humidity changes. UltraBoard is typically readily available in 3/16” and 1/2” thicknesses and can be white or black. We find the UltraBoard to be resistant to warping and is far more crush-resistant than Foamcore.


For outdoor use, we have smooth surface PVC based materials that lay flat and minimize edge curling and print like a dream. If you’re needing a more rigid solution, we can mount your poster to a PVC board or an aluminum composite material that’s very rigid and durable.


As always, let us know at Volume11 San Diego your intended use and we’ll make sure you get the best possible solution that fits your budget and performs as expected.