Banners - San Diego

In San Diego, both indoor and outdoor banners are some of the most common large format products and provide excellent value. Choosing the right solutions for your use is what we’re all about. We’d love to help you choose the best solution for your needs.

Outdoor banner materials are almost always a 13oz vinyl that is reinforced to add tear and tensile strength. In San Diego, it is important to ensure durable banner materials that can last through the coastal climate. The better materials have a 1000×1000 denier of reinforcing threads and are the only versions we use. 13oz scrim banner is a very versatile choice for most outdoor, and some indoor needs. It can be hemmed, grommeted, or even have pockets in some of the edges to work with suspending poles or attachments to display frames.

The most common solutions are simple hems with grommets in the corners, or every 2 or 3 feet along the edges. In rare circumstances, it’s smart to reinforce the hems with strong webbing similar to the seat belts in your car to allow wind loads to be distributed from the grommets along the edges.

Banners that are used on light poles or that are suspended between points and exposed to the full force of the wind require a more durable solution. It can get quite windy in San Diego, especially by the beach, which is pretty much the whole city! In these cases, we will choose an 18oz scrim vinyl to make sure you’re getting the best life from your investment. Often people are most concerned with the color fading when it’s usually the vinyl that fails before the inks. So paying a bit more for the thicker vinyl is a smart move when the banner is going to take some abuse.

Indoor banners don’t need the reinforcing scrim threads of the outdoor banners. So we can trade off some strength for better surface smoothness and lay-flat properties. Indoor banners share the same finishing options as the outdoor version with hems and grommets, pockets on the edges, or velcro.

Some of the most popular applications for indoor banner vinyl are in retractable display stands, backdrops for photo shoots or red carpet events, or hanging banners that suspend from the ceiling. But as it is with all large format printing, everything is custom and dialed to your needs.

Some of our Pole Banners


Retract Moet



Stand TEDx


Finishing Options

  • hemmed edges
  • grommets along edges, or in corners
  • pockets on the top and/or the bottom edges
  • hook or loop velcro on back facing edges
  • webbing reinforced hems

File Prep

Preparing files for banners is straightforward when you work with a capable, savvy San Diego shop. Here are the specifications for files used with banner printing. Note there is no advantage gained by preparing files at smaller dimensions, then scaling up during printing.

  • preferred file format is PDF saved with the High Quality preset if available.
  • 75-150ppi images at full size
  • 100% full scale
  • fonts outlined
  • real bleeds outside the document dimensions of 0.125-0.25”
  • if practical, create files with vector elements instead of raster (image) elements