Magnets - San Diego

Magnets for vehicles are perfect when you’re wanting graphics you can drive around for a while, then take off easily. In San Diego the challenge is keeping them clean and functional when they’re not on the car so the magnet doesn’t pick up tiny particles that inhibit the grip when used again.

At our San Diego office, we use powerful 30mil magnetic material and can even put an over-laminate on your magnets to get better durability. Rounding the corners a bit helps to keep the magnets in place at highway speeds and keep the corners from curling up when they’re not on the vehicle.

One of the more common mistakes we see with vehicle magnets is an attempt to pack in too much information into a relatively small space. Strive to have your message read and understood at a seconds glance. Also, be sure to actually remove the magnets when you don’t need them. Leaving them on for too long tagged with San Diego’s coastal climate can potentially damage your car’s clear coat.

Whenever we consult with our San Diego clients on magnetic solutions, the choice always has to be compared to doing adhesive vinyl. Very often vinyl decals are better valued if there is not a compelling reason to have magnets that you can take off and put back on.