Benefits of Step and Repeat Banners

You might have already seen a step and repeat banner in action at red carpet events or trade shows. A step and repeat is a banner covered by a repeating logo. Celebrities, industry leaders, executives, all enjoy taking photos in front of them because we all associate these banners with celebrities and Hollywood events.

A step and repeat banner is a very efficient advertising and marketing tool for your business while creating dynamic visual effects for your events.

  • As many people are eager to take pictures in front of step and repeat banners, your business logo gets promoted all over the social media channels. When you use a large print format with the repeating logo, no matter where the people stand for the photo, your company‚Äôs logo will be visible.
  • A step and repeat banner makes your guests feel like they get the star treatment at your event.
  • Use these moments to take valuable photos for your own social media, newsletter, and website with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, etc.
  • A step and repeat banner makes a great impression on your business partners or clients. It looks professional and makes your business memorable.
  • Your company will stand out at trade shows, adding visibility and professionalism to your booth or table.
  • These banners come in a variety of sizes and materials that fit any marketing budget.
  • With low maintenance and proper storing, you can use the same banner over and over again (unless you decide to change your business logo).

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